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Themed Playlist
« on: May 23, 2015, 12:11:36 AM »
So basically you just make a playlist of songs you think go well together or have stuff in common. I will start. My list is all songs taken from my Epical Metality playlist on Spotify. Enjoy!

1. Tears Of A Clown- U.D.O., Kaufmann, Dirk Schneider
2. Year Of The Phoenix- Pyramaze
3. Master Passion Greed- Nightwish
4. The Scourger- Tarot
5. My Kantele- Amorphis
6. Metal Woman- 3 Inches Of Blood
7. Dark Side of My Heart- Accept
8. Rat Race- Avantasia
9. Crimson Thunder- Hammerfall
10. Tiger Punch- Hibria
11. Black Morning- Jorn
12. Angel Of My Dreams- Krokus, Marc Storace
13. Screaming In The Night- Krokus
14. Ravenlord- Mystic Prophecy
15. Lamento Eroico- Rhapsody
16. Catholic In The Morning...Satanist At Night- Powerwolf
17. Metal Is Forever- Primal Fear
18. Another Hero Lost- Shadows Fall
19. Six Ribbons- Black Majesty
20. Tears Of The Dragon- Bruce Dickinson
21. Who Am I To Be- Circle II Circle
22. The Dreamreader- Nightingale
23. Dying Just To Live- Masterplan
24. Not Only Women Bleed- Nostradameus
25. Steelcrusader- Stormwarrior