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We might see them playing a show at Joe's Bar & Grill or something like that lol.
well, imagine that easy going "family" atmosphere there, so close to the band, intimate.... eating grilled steaks, drinking beer and watching HIM playing few meters from us. This is my idea of heaven.

I seriuosly doubt that the band will be content doing that....
That's more than likely what the hold up is, trying to book a tour on such short notice. Just imagine trying to get everything lined up last minute. Venues, transportation, etc. It's gotta be a total nightmare, and let's be honest they don't exactly have the best in the business doings these things for them. If the tour comes to fruition it's going to be interesting to see when and where they play since you have to figure the venues they would normally play at are already booked. We might see them playing a show at Joe's Bar & Grill or something like that lol.

what do you mean by they dont have the best in the business? are they known for crappy management?

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Anyone think I'd get away filming the Spain shows with a go pro?

It's always great to have a recording. Personally i feel that the audio is way more important than video on this matters. If you can, get yourself a nice recorder (Zoom H4n) or similar and try to record it that way. You can always bring a go pro along. But if the audio isn't good (and the go pro audio sucks!) it won't be nice to watch.

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Radio Rock interviewed Ville about his plans for the future. Vampire Heart69 kindly translated it : )

L: We have this theory. You have some iskelmä (Finnish schlager/pop music) album already in your back pocket. Juha Tapio (pop singer) trembles, Ville Valo is coming! How long ahead you've been planning, what's coming next?

V: Iskelmä is good, I've been of course thinking about it too, I was always open or how would I say... I've been yapping about how much I like that sort of music before but... first have to finish this thing with HIM, to end it with style.

It still takes a lot of energy and time, even in those days when we don't have gigs, there's the most hassle. The unloading stuff in rehearsal place, thinking where all the drum boxes are going...

Next year I'll start pondering. I have music, which I have written, I thought it would be possibly music for HIM but not this time...
(he seems pretty sad here tbh :()
UNLESS I save them for reunion and do Finnish covers meanwhile (jokes)

nah... As a musician, I think it's important to create music which is really good and touching to yourself, you get that feeling of pride and want to show it to everyone.
But what kind of? I don't know yet by myself. That's what makes it interesting. I know that I love music and I want to create it if I'm able to, oh babbling for nothing... uh something heavy! I want it to be hard rock, I don't know if I'll get a band or do everything solo, I don't know in what language, I doubt it would be Swedish (joking), Kent is good, or was. (laughs)

L: You've been probably thinking about what have happened and when it's all over, will it come that empty feeling?

V: Almost all my mornings are empty. At this age, I'm getting calls for eternity/death (joking)

L: Depressed middle aged man's complaining

V: Shhh!!

V: I don't know. It's big part of life, but have to remember, I have done music before and after HIM, uh after HIM?! (laughs) um before and in between, same like other guys, Linde and others.
It doesn't change, it's just as a group if we're not doing things together... well we haven't been spending our free time together in years, so it wouldn't affect, only thing is we're probably all broke soon. (joking)

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@Kaysa thank you for this!
i love his sense of humor, seriously i was reading it with a big smile on my face, he has some good points


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I never really thought of how big a pain in the ass it could be to load and unload all the equipment from the studio to the tour bus time and time again not to mention paying the studio fees which must cost a fortune I wonder how much their budget is to record the average album Tears On Tape was financed by them so it might have been a pretty penny he does have a lot of very good points though the man is a brilliant musician everybody has their own opinions from album to album I thought Tears On Tape was genius it was just really really short I think the two best songs on there are I will be the end of you and Into the Night those two songs could have easily been on any other album but that's why I like them so much because it's solid him I have to say that it's really going to be weird not seeing these guys together