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Re: Famous people you have met.
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Harlem Globetrotters (Long time ago)
Pushmonkey - They were assholes
HIM - A few times, and they have always been cool
Roky Erickson - Ate next to me at a bar in Austin, though I just thought he was some mulleted freak or I would have asked him about HIM and "Don't Shake Me Lucifer"
Dennis Rodman - At a club in Dallas.  He was cool, body guard was an ass.  He had loads of white women with him.
Ty Warren (New England Patriots) - This one shouldn't count because he's a friend from high school.

Guess I should add on (and an excuse to bring the thread back up)

Doug Stanhope - At Yellow Rose in Austin a few years back.  He was cool.
Carly Smithson (We Are the Fallen) - They did some signings at the HIM show last year.
Terrell Owens - Just met him the other day in Lafayette, LA.  He was cool, he was talking shit to some girl.
Cory Feldman - Met him at this bar in Austin on my birthday 2 years ago.
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Re: Famous people you have met.
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I met Liam Cormier, singer of "Cancer Bats". I saw them play in Brighton, and Liam stayed at the end, so i managed to talk to him for about a minute or two.